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At New Life Kenya, we have all the support, resources and services to ensure you get the best egg donor of your choice. We have local Kenyan egg donors who encompass the beauty and grace of their country, as well as donors of multiple ethnicities able to travel from our other branches. Our proven egg donors from Georgia, Ukraine, Poland, South Africa, India and Mexico are ready to travel to Kenya as per your request.

Success Rates

Although success rate in surrogacy and egg donation depends upon a combination of factors, we announce with pride that our success rates are excellent. Ranging between 60% and 70 % in cases of surrogacy and egg donation procedure, This positive success rate chiefly comes from employment of the latest technologies and services supported by dedicated and professional staff and finally the personalized patient care.


New Life Kenya is a surrogacy agency which offers intended parents from across the globe with various backgrounds the chance to use our surrogacy services. Our ultra –modern fertility care, high success rates, team of dedicated and qualified staff with significant background and a comprehensive database of surrogate mothers and egg donors and affordable program packages are the key features that have made us the leaders in the field.

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Kenya is on list of dream destinations for a lot of people due to various reasons: being easily accessible from various countries, having more than fifty of the world’s most breathtaking national parks, white sand beaches, dense forests and divergent deserts. Nairobi, where we are located is very developed city and a great destination for your medical journey and the leisure to be combined. There are high standard clinics and birth hospital facilities available. Moreover, New Life Kenya is the most cost effective option that can be offered to the intended parents not only among our network but among our competitors as well. Therefore you can benefit from out high quality, affordable family building services at most exotic and interested location in the world. New Life Kenya is the latest addition to New Life Global Network of fertility clinics and egg donation & surrogacy agencies

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