Baby Gender Selection

Advanced fertility technology makes it possible for intending parents to have a baby of their own selected gender. For gender selection, there are procedures involving separation of X and Y chromosomes from sperms. At New Life Kenya, we offer gender selection services with preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) that ensures gender selection with highest precision that involves putting each embryo to a thorough examination of male or female DNA.

PGD, which is an accurate method of determining and selecting the gender of an embryo is employed by intending parents to strike gender equilibrium in their family. This safe gender selection technology makes it possible for experts to evaluate embryos produced by in-vitro fertilization in their early stage of development prior to their transfer into the uterus. The procedure helps determining the sex of the embryo. The entire gender selection process is undertaken by an expert with the aid of a microscope of high optical power. A hollow glass needle is used to penetrate the outer lining of the embryo to draw a single cell. This cell is then put to genetic tests. Once the gender of the embryo is located, it is then implanted into the mother. PGD is widely popular across the world for its 99% accuracy in gender determination, although there is minor risk for false positive or false negative results.

Another significant role of PGD is screening various genetic disorders. This enormous utility of PGD comes as an immense help to intending parents who stand a risk of receiving certain genetic abnormalities passed on to them down the generation. PGD locates the reasons for early miscarriages and repeated miscarriages with a lot of insight into the issue. This maximizes the possibility of a healthy pregnancy ultimately leading to the birth of a healthy baby.

Single gene disorders, translocations and Aneuploidy are abnormal conditions tested with the high tech PGD screening. However, gender selection services selection carries certain obvious ethical issues stemming from our biasness against a particular sex and preference for the other.

Gender Selection Services

The controversial gender selection issue has received mixed reviews and responses worldwide with fiery debates and opinions. There are countries which permit gender selection services on medical grounds and there are again countries that allow gender preferences on non-medical grounds like balancing the gender distribution of children in a family.

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