New Life Kenya is known for their professional IVF services across the globe. In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a term used in human reproduction technology where the process of fertilization takes place ‘outside the body’ altogether. This is a sophisticated clinical technique that takes eggs from the ovaries of the egg donor female and putting them in contact with the sperm of the male partner. This entire IVF process takes place in a laboratory environment, producing fertilized eggs – also known as embryos. For some time, these embryos are kept in a laboratory incubator followed by placement inside the surrogate mother’s or the biological mother’s womb depending upon the specifics of the case. New Life Kenya, like all its branches operating overseas, has become famous worldwide acquiring a huge reputation for being a benchmark of the quality of its treatment and IVF services in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART), of which IVF is a type. On the fifth day of their development, the embryos are transferred and planted in the uterus of the mother. Eleven days after the egg retrieval, a blood pregnancy test is generally carried out to confirm the implantation of the embryos.


IVF services are known to being the solution for women suffering from blocked or non-existent or injured fallopian tubes, with severe endometriosis or for women whose advanced age has become a pregnancy issue or for couples with a history of apparently inexplicable infertility issues. IVF services address cases of male fertility as well. Where intrauterine insemination (IUI) or administration of fertility drugs have failed to yield successful results, IVF is the ultimate answer as recommended by fertility specialists in the field. It is the best treatment for bringing a baby to couples. However, whether intended parents would go for IVFor not is much influenced by the personal opinions of the parents in question.




The follicle- stimulating hormone is administered to the woman regularly for ten days to enhance egg production. To follow up progress, examination of ovaries and blood tests for hormone levels are conducted all along the drug treatment session by vaginal ultrasound. To help eggs mature, she will be pushed a hormone injection certain hours before eggs collection.


Egg Retrieval:

in vitro fertilization

By a minor surgery called follicular aspiration, the eggs are removed from the women. She is sedated and guided by ultrasound techniques. A fine needle is employed in drawing the eggs.

Here at New Life Kenya, we provide ICSI/IVF services for improved fertilization. The male sperm is mixed with meticulous perfection with the healthiest of eggs and cultured in a clinical environment. This procedure is insemination followed by fertilization where the sperms enter eggs after several hours.


Embryo culture:

The patient is given the best medication to develop a lining in the womb for transferring the best embryos chosen after the sperms fertilize the eggs creating embryos.


Embryo transfer:

After 5 days of eggs retrieval and fertilization, embryos are placed in woman’s womb through the vagina by inserting a catheter. This leads to pregnancy. Two embryos are transferred normally and the rest preserved frozen for future IVF’s. The entire IVF process is done with utmost care and with the highest medical standards of treatment.