It is natural for an HIV positive intended parent to have babies, start a family and see the child grow up in front of their eyes just like any other parent. New Life supports this idea fully with the option of surrogacy services for HIV positive. New Life Kenya believes that an HIV positive patient has every right to enjoy parenthood and is ideologically against the social stigma and alienation that often comes with a HIV positive diagnosis. Discrimination and social prejudice still plague the life of an HIV positive patient, but with the advancement in the field of medical science suitable treatment is available to him.

At New Life Kenya, we take it as a challenge that the HIV positive patients get a baby of their own and walks away with the new member to the family smiling. The latest progress made in reproductive technology for HIV positive people specifically have made us at New Life extend our surrogacy services in the field of infertility treatment to these people. This will lead to fulfillment of their dream of having a family where the child would function as a vibrant nucleus.

The special technique of sperm washing is a highly sophisticated procedure of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that minimizes the risk of HIV transmission to the mother (female who carries the baby) and eventually to the unborn child in the womb. However, the sperm cells are immune to HIV virus. They just float on the seminal fluid as viral entities. The idea is to isolate the sperm cells from the rest of the seminal fluid containing the deadly virus. This will mitigate the possibility of transmission of HIV to the surrogate mother or the female partner during fertilization. Sperm washing techniques have received accolades from medical experts around the world for being a full proof and safe technique of protecting the embryo from the HIV. In 2007, the retrospective data published by researchers bring encouraging news to HIV positive patients.

HIV Positive Parents

A network of the Centre for Reproductive Assisted Techniques for HIV positive in Europe comprising of eight fertility centers in six European countries conducted a total of 3315 cycles of assisted reproduction including over 2000 cycles of IUI with washed sperm. Not even a single case of HIV transmission was reported.

  • Surrogacy only
  • Surrogacy with egg donation
  • IVF for HIV negative partner plus egg donation
  • Surrogacy with frozen embryos

However, the price package for HIV patients will be different from standard cases for obvious reasons for deployment of special equipment and highly skilled technicians.