Double Joy, Double New Life!

New Life is happy to share a triumphant surrogacy story of a European patient who has just become a father of twins. M. from Europe had heard about surrogacy friendly environment in Kenya and requested a Skype call with New Life representative to discuss all details about a year ago. He was quick at finding his favorite egg donor in the New Life database and all the rest was set up for him immediately. M. experienced disappointment when pregnancy test appeared negative at first, but soon after the failure intended parent had his second attempt with frozen embryos which luckily resulted in twin pregnancy.

The excitement of intended parent reached peak when Millicent, NL Kenya representative called him to tell fabulous news about baby delivery: “- Oh my God, thank you so much, you made my day! What a happy end of surrogacy story! This is double joy, double New Life !“ – cried M. with happiness and mentioned that new chapter was opened in his book of life. Adorable baby girl and baby boy – Marvin and Tracy celebrated their first Easter in Kenya together with New Life local representative. Former intended parent M. and now already a father of twins thanked New Life for precious advice, commitment and support during his whole surrogacy journey.