Successful Surrogacy and Happy Chinese Couple

“Huanying” (welcome) to our new baby boy that is the new addition to the many little ones that are now happily living in their new homes thanks to our team in new life. The tiny tot was curiously looking at everybody when the intended parents of this bundle of joy to him home.
The intended couple had shared their painful experience with our consultants about the difficulty an individual faces when in their mind they are already parents just wanting a child to cherish. When those desires of parenthood are not realized, it is difficult to overcome the hard reality of infertility. But new life team assured them that there was still a probability of successfully getting pregnant or at least experiencing parenthood.
Our team at New life informed them of various infertility treatments that the couple could select and what would be the best option for them. In Vitro fertilization, various types of surrogacies and egg donation/ sperm donation techniques are just few of the services that new life provides. These are the most complex procedures but it is easy to understand the basics of the concepts of egg donation and surrogacy. The couple trusted us to help bring their child into the world.
Being a parent was a big dream for one of our intended parents from China and with New Life team this wish was fulfilled. Everyone was emotional when the father hugged his new born baby boy. He feels himself as the luckiest man in the world.
Congratulations to the family and we wish them bright future.