Surrogate Screening During the Pregnancy

To make the decision to start building your family with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is not an easy one. It is a major decision and the process also requires significant emotional and financial investments. So there is no wonder that the intended parents will want to monitor their investment and follow the surrogacy process very closely.


The Importance of Information

It is very important that the intended parents will be thoroughly informed about every aspect and all details of the surrogacy program. This information must of course be provided before the initiation of the program and after also after its completion. Although these steps are very important, the information provided during the surrogate mother’s pregnancy is naturally the most vital one.

For intended parents it is a most exciting and joyful moment when it is confirmed that the surrogate mother is pregnant. But it is also the start of a long period of waiting and uncertainty. During this period intended parents can do little more than make sure that the surrogate mother has everything that she need to get through the pregnancy in a healthy and safe way. This can lead to frustration since the intended parents obviously want nothing more than for the program to be successful. It is not a very nice feeling when the outcome of something that important to you is completely out of your hands.

No medical process can be guaranteed to have successful result. Due to the risk it is completely understandable that the intended parents are emotional and perhaps a little nervous during the surrogate’s pregnancy. However, one way to ease their worries and make them feel safe through the pregnancy, is to make sure that they get to follow the progress closely. The intended parents should always be kept well informed so that they feel that they are a part of the surrogacy.


The Responsibility of the Surrogacy Agency

It is the surrogacy agency’s responsibility to make sure that the communication between the agency, the medical team, the surrogate mother and the intended parents are handled correctly and that the necessary information is conveyed between the parties. At New Life we have coordinators who work closely with our intended parents during the entire program.

Our surrogate mothers are kept under close observation throughout the whole pregnancy. Obviously they are meticulously screened and tested before they are approved as surrogate mothers and before the program begins. During the actual pregnancy the surrogate will go through regular scans and tests so that our medical staff can monitor everything that happens with the surrogate and the baby. The information received at the check-ups and gotten from tests should immediately be given to the intended parents so that they will be updated on what is happening at all times in the program. Our team will make sure that updates will be given almost daily if wanted.

Another additional action that should be taken to make sure that the intended parents feel safe and at ease during the surrogacy, is to make sure that they are informed about the surrogate mother’s medical schedule. They should be given this schedule so that they are aware about when and where the different check- ups will be conducted. Obviously they should also be informed about what tests are being performed, the purpose of them and how they are carried out.

In conclusion it can be noted that information is a key ingredient to make the sure the surrogacy program will run smoothly. It is quite simple, the more information the intended parent have the easier this time will be for them. New Life’s’ extensive experience has shown that this is a vital part during the surrogacy. This is why we are so adamant to closely guide our intended parents through every little step during the surrogacy. We operate in an open, honest and transparent way and care deeply and passionately about our parents and the success of their surrogacy journeys.