What to expect from a fertility tourism facilitator?

A fertility tourism facilitator is a friend, philosopher and guide in your quest for fertility tourism that could take care of your needs. No one can visualize the entire scenario as clearly as a facilitator can do. Especially in a foreign country, he stands a better chance to handle different treatment related issues as he is conversant with the local customs and regulations. You have every right to avail the best services from a facilitator when you are paying him for coordinating efficiently between the clinic and your requirements.

Facilitator as an able guide

A good facilitator will have strong reasons to guide you on selection of a particular fertility clinic. The facilitator is legally bound to give you all updates regarding the fertility clinic he has chosen for you. He is also responsible for giving you a comprehensive outline of your trip detail. However, you have to ask for it. If you don’t ask, he will be under an impression that either you know the details or you do not need to know. Do not let any misunderstanding or communication barrier crop up by keeping silent.

Qualified facilitators – The right guidance

Qualified facilitators are more than just a guide. They will give you the insightful view on technical and legal grounds concerning your fertility treatment trip. These suggestions are most valuable, and soon you get a feeling that if you have undertaken this trip all alone without the support of a facilitator soon you would be lost in an ocean of confusion abroad.


Finding the right clinic

A facilitator has a detailed profile of various reputed clinics in different locations. The panel of famous specialists available with these clinics, their experiences and qualifications and the success rates are the most important criteria. A good facilitator has them all. Besides he also has a chart of all the types of fertility treatment packages offered by these clinics together with their comparative costs. Positional advantages of these clinics and the mode and quality of logistics available around are also key determinants whether the clinic would suit you or not. A resourceful facilitator has all these comparative parameters handy. You can make a comparative study of the data and facts supplied and make your choice.


Maintaining transparency

The platform of transparency between the customer and the fertility clinic is very important. The facilitator has an important role in designing it. The type and standard of fertility treatment, the need to submit the necessary documents and the legal implications of entering into an agreement with the fertility clinic are most significant elements that can yield success. They may even spell disaster for your fertility treatment trip if not handled properly.

The facilitators are supposed to have an in-depth knowledge in these areas. They are well versed in local and international laws governing the various fertility treatment services. A facilitator usually has a list of alternate clinics handy if the selected clinic doesn’t serve your purpose for any technical reasons.

What supportive services can you expect from your facilitator?

-He should be able to provide tailor made services as per your requirement.

-He will see to your smooth transportation and keep a follow up on your logistics and travel and accommodation plans.

– He should help in fixing the best package deal. A fertility tourism facilitator possesses excellent negotiation skills. They are vastly experienced and have a fair idea about the cost of various fertility treatment packages abroad. They should bring you the best treatment package for the hard earned money you pay. They ensure you get the best for all the resources and inputs you spend and nothing goes to waste.

– He should maintain an effective communication channel. A fertility tourism facilitator figures out if there is any communication gap between you and the clinic authorities. Language barrier could be one reason. Here he would act as an intermediary so that the communication process between the parties runs on efficient wheels.