Fertility Tourism Facilitator- Communication and payment

Communication with your fertility tourism facilitator and fixing a payment deal could be challenging at times. There is nothing like straightforward communication but the failure to understand your thoughts and problems by a foreign fertility specialist could beat the very spirit and purpose of your fertility trip abroad. Language indeed poses a barrier which becomes almost insurmountable unless a facilitator with a good command over languages intervenes.

A resourceful facilitator should know at least five to six languages besides the local dialects for operating as an effective media between the clinic authorities and the customer. Knowledge of different languages and ability to speak them fluently would be a valuable qualification for a fertility tourism facilitator.

The following services are expected from him regarding a communication medium:


Maintaining the right communication channel

The facilitator acts as an effective connecting link between the customers and facilities available abroad. For availing these facilities, proper communication should be set up which the facilitator delivers with professional expertise. The customer should be cautious enough to discuss only those matters with the facilitator relevant to the fertility trip. There are some issues which are in no way connected to your fertility trip. These matters should never be talked about with facilitator. This will only create confusion blocking the primary objective.

For an instance, regarding the technicalities of the treatment you should have a talk with the specialist and never with the facilitator. This will confuse him and he will deviate from discharging his main responsibilities.

An effective communication is the spirit of your trip. It acts in three stages. You convey your desire and expectations to the facilitator. He, in turn, communicates it to the fertility clinic. There should not be any disruption in this chain. Neither should there be any deletion of your requirements that you could not communicate to the clinic due to language barrier. Nor should there be any additional irrelevant elements communicated by the facilitator to the clinic which is really a sheer misinterpretation of information.


The payment factor

If your fertility tourism facilitator is taking so much of responsibility for making your trip smooth and successful, he deserves to be properly remunerated. His services could be briefly summed up in a nutshell like:

-He locates the exact clinic and the country where you ought to visit.  Out of his experience, he could decide the best option for you considering your requirements.

-He makes all the necessary arrangements for making your trip hassle free and objective.

-He provides you with the alternative options giving you a competitive profile of all the fertility clinics accessible detailing their relative costs, facilities, resources and disadvantages as well so that you can figure out which is the best for you.

– He negotiates aggressively and efficiently on your behalf and makes a sincere effort to pull your fertility treatment expenses down.

-He updates and guides you on legal issues regarding fertility treatments on a foreign soil.

– He handles local issues and difficult situations smoothly that might send you in deep trouble.

-He arranges your accommodation and plans your logistics.

-He supports you with concierge services and organizes your papers for international travel.

Customer check

No doubt that these package services should be remunerated properly, but remember one thing a facilitator is not above his customer scrutiny. Since you have retained him for service, you have every right to scrutinize his credentials and the justification for the fees he is charging. You can always verify it from similar service agencies those operate as facilitators. For this, you need to do homework and explore the likely quotations from facilitators around.

When you have fixed the payment amount that has to be paid, eventually do not back out on your commitment. However, arrange for stage wise payment instead of paying the entire amount at a time.