How to avail sperm and egg donation services abroad

When there is a shortage of healthy sperm and egg donors in the domestic clinics, the intending parents opt for going abroad to avail the service. Other reasons involved spin around cost consideration, legal issues and the quality of treatment. Now how to go about the entire procedure? Here we go with a stage wise procedure for availing egg and sperm donation services abroad:

Listing the clinics

The initial step would be to find from the internet the names of clinics and the countries they are located. The Donor conception network and the National Gamete Trust are reliable sources for getting significant information platforms for availing thorough databases about the best clinics available which would help you out with egg and sperm donation services.

Selecting the clinic and service provider

While selecting your clinic you will find that there is not a single governing agency that projects reliable data on clinic performance.  Most clinics self-advertise their success rates.  Here it is advisable to ask for positive pregnancy test rates as well as clinical pregnancy rate with confirmed fetal heartbeats.

Get proper information

Once you have selected your clinic before signing the agreement you should have the right information from the clinic about the potential donor. How comprehensive is the clinic’s database of donors is an important factor that you must look into. Regarding this you may move a step ahead to inquire the following:

-From where does the clinic get the donors?

-Background of the donor? The authenticity of the donor background as projected in the database.

-Whether the donor identity will be disclosed or remain anonymous?
-What do they do about donor welfare?
-How many times are they allowed to donate?
-Do the donors have their own children and family?
-How rigorous is the donor selection process?
-Is the donor sharing their eggs / sperms with another couple?

-Finally, the all inclusive expenses that you have to pay for the egg or sperm donation service.

Know about the insurance policies

It would be an important move to take out specialized fertility insurance policies. The expenses that you incur for availing these treatments abroad may overshoot compared what you had considered in your budget due to multifarious reasons. Fluctuations in currency exchange rates could be one reason on which you would never have control. So your expenses need suitable policy coverage.

Check the legal aspects

It is imperative to comprehend thoroughly the legal aspects of getting egg and sperm donation services in a foreign country. Especially the laws governing the fertility issues vary country wise. Today what is valid and supportive could just be the reverse within a short time span. So it is imperative to be updated about the legislative side of your treatment plan. Laws governing fertility treatment are different for different countries so don’t just presume what is possible in Spain connected with egg and sperm donation would hold valid in South Africa for that matter.

Select a reliable facilitator

Getting hold of a reliable facilitator could be your next step who would organize your entire egg or sperm donation project. The credentials of the facilitator are very important. You can get a broad database of facilitators from the internet with views and recommendations of customers availing the service of the facilitator you have selected. The facilitators act as a guide for your infertility treatment program.

Especially for intending parents who have never travelled abroad the facilitator could rightly fit in the system who speaks your language is also conversant with the language spoken in the foreign country where you are planning to visit for fertility treatment.

Arrange counseling support

Proper counseling should be sought to work through the short and long term results of your treatment because when the child grows up, certain questions may come up relating to any genetic affinity. However, many clinics have their own psychiatrist to guide you on this issue.