How to Find the Perfect Nanny

At some point most parents find themselves in need of help when it comes to childcare. It is not easy to juggle a life as parent at the same time as you are working and running a household. Day care might be one option but for many people it is a better solution to hire a nanny.

This task might prove harder than one thinks- after all you are hiring a person that is going to be responsible for your child when you are not present. It is an important job and you will want to hire a responsible person that you can trust and rely on. To find such a person is not always easy, especially if you have never done it before. If you are a new parent, or if you have not had a nanny before, it can be difficult to know what you can demand and what type of questions you should ask those who apply for the position. Therefore we will list a few things that are important to consider when hiring a nanny.

Conduct a serious interview

The first step is of course to hold thorough interviews with the candidates. Let the interview take it’s time and make sure you get all the information that you want. It is also a good way to get to know the applicant a little better and get a understanding of what kind of person he or she is.

Try to prepare your questions beforehand so you do not miss anything important. Take a moment to formulate exactly what you want help with. Is it simply child care or would you like the nanny to help out with other chores in the home, like doing laundry or cooking. Some applicants might be willing to do additional jobs while others will not. Make sure that you understand each other and agree on the responsibilities included in the position. This is a good way to make sure that your cooperation will run smoothly and that there are no misunderstandings later on.

Criteria for candidates

When considering candidates always consider their education, do they have any degrees in child care or other training within the field? If they do, it is obviously a big advantage. Almost as important as education is experience. It is preferable to have a nanny who has worked with children for a long time, and thus gaining a lot of experience and knowledge.

A nanny can of course also gain this knowledge and experience by having children of her own. It is often recommended to hire a nanny that is a mother herself. Personal criteria is also important. You want to find a stable and mature person, this makes it most sensible to hire someone who is 30 years or older. You also want to make sure that she is healthy and does not have any history of physical or mental issues.

References and Trial Period

After interviewing the applicants and selecting a few candidates that you like, always check the references that they have given. One good question to ask is why the nanny is no longer working for them. This can reveal interesting information that can help in your decision.

Once you have decided on a nanny start by letting her work for a trial period to make sure that everything works out properly. This way you can supervise and monitor her work closely and make sure that it is to your liking. Sometimes it turns out that a person, even if they seem perfect for the job and has all the appropriate qualifications, is not suitable. So keep a close eye on your baby and the nanny initially until you feel that you can trust her.

Personal Fit

On top of all the other criteria, like experience and education, there is another important factor that should always be taken into consideration. It is of course personalities. To hire a nanny means that an outside person will spend considerate amounts of time in your home and around your family. So it is very important that this is a person that you feel comfortable with and like being around. Equally important is it of course that the nanny feels the same. If you like each other and feel at ease in each other’s company it will be easier to work together.

While all of the above mentioned is important there is of course one thing that matter more than anything else, and that is that your child is happy in the company of the nanny. You want your baby to be well taken care of and looked after, but also to feel calm and safe while being cared for by your nanny.