How to Handle the Negative Outcome of the Beta Pregnancy Test

It is very disappointing for intended parents to experience negative results on their pregnancy tests. It becomes very important for such couples to remember that they are in a cycle of medication that comprises of many more attempts to go.

It is a very common thing noticed in these couples to spend time in analysing the reasons for their failed pregnancy attempt. It is natural for them to invest time in understanding what has gone wrong in order to not attempt that in their next trial. As a protocol, your medical team will also sit with you to discuss the things that have been the reasons behind your failed pregnancy effort.

As a convention, most fertility clinics store the excess embryos formed after the ovarian stimulation. This makes it easier to plan the next attempt without much of a delay.

Most patients can start their new IVF cycle soon at the time of their next menstrual cycle, whereas, some has to wait for a period of a couple of months or more. It is essential for the intended couples to understand that not every couple going for IVF treatment have been successful in their first attempts. It is very common to repeat the cycle to achieve success in IVF treatment.

The patients need a lot more courage and conviction to begin their next IVF cycle. This new medical technology has bought babies in countless homes. Intended parents have been encouraged to go for this treatment after they have read so many miraculous stories over the internet and other media about childless couples becoming happy parents. Most of them are educated about the procedure where the IVF consultant develops an embryo outside the mother’s womb in the laboratory and introduces it into the mother’s womb later. They are all aware of this basic plan. However, there are a lot of things involved in the procedure that might have caused the failure of pregnancy even after the successful introduction of the embryo in the mother’s womb.

It is essential for the medical team mostly to make the couple understand the possibilities of negative beta pregnancy test even after the home pregnancy result comes positive. The couple has to be educated on all the possibilities so that they do not break down on morale after a negative beta pregnancy test result.

There are numerous emotions involved with a negative beta pregnancy test result. Even the strongest of the couples go through a low time of despair and frustration due to this. It is not only about the money involved in the procedure, but also the time and energy that is invested lower the moral. Intended mothers often suffer from a guilty drive that makes them think about the things she might have done wrong that has resulted like this. They tend to blame themselves for being unconsciously careless. They feel like they have let their husbands down by this. Not only towards the spouse, have they had the same feeling towards the doctors and family members as well. A lot of negativity runs through their minds due to the failed beta pregnancy test. This is the time when they require compassion and love. We as a fertility clinic usually recommend them to our counsellors who are the best help during this time apart from friends and family. They can rightly educate them on the unnecessary negativities that they are juggling in their minds, which are making the situation even worse for them. The counsellors guide them correctly on the variations of the IVF procedure and its huge possibilities.

Some intended mothers require physiological support during this time as they begin to lose faith in themselves. They were not able to achieve pregnancy naturally, and now even with the help of IVF treatment, they have failed to achieve it. This feeling brings a toll on the mental health of the intended mothers the most. The feeling can be even worse for those aspiring mothers who see their IVF cycle buddies conceive in the same trial. These incidents bring out severe negative emotions like jealousy and envy out of them as well.

There are a series of questions that come to the intended parent’s mind after the first failed attempt of pregnancy. This is the time when they become even more conscious about their failure and try to know as much as possible regarding the procedure. It is, in fact, a good idea to speak to the doctor regarding all the queries cropping in their minds. This prepares them for the future attempts. Couples tend to know more about the quality of eggs, sperm, and embryos.

They are mostly in a confusing state of mind where they are not able to decide whether to go for the next attempt or not.

Additional tests, like hysteroscopy, are done to find out the undiagnosed factors related to the failure of the first attempt. Special therapies like laparoscopic tubal occlusion for hydrosalpinx syndrome are done to proceed towards better results in the next trial.

Many a time’s couples go for a second opinion from some other experts. This is usually done to check the correctness of the IVF plan they have been taken through by the fertility centre. If the second opinion confirms that the existing IVF plan is doing a good job, they pursue the IVF cycle with next bunch of hope.

Of course, it is necessary for the intended parents to analyse the reasons for the failure of their first IVF cycle. However, the reasons are always not much clear to the consultants as well. As a matter of fact, IVF is not a perfect science. It sometimes requires a series of trials to develop the transferred embryo into a baby. Nonetheless, it is utmost important to analyse the reasons for the failure of each cycle.

The three important variables that need to look at carefully are:

  1. The quality and number of embryos introduced in the mother’s womb

  2. The endometrial thickness and holding capacity

  3. The procedure of embryo transfer

If the analysis finds no reason for the failure of the trial, it is wise to repeat the exact same cycle again.

Losing hope and giving up is not an option. When you have taken IVF as a medical procedure for you to correct your infertility and have your own genetically connected child, you have to be patient and trust the procedure. If the quality of your embryos is good, getting pregnant is just a matter of time. Since you could not conceive in the first cycle, there is no reason to think that it might reduce your chances of conceiving again in the next cycle.

Intended parents are fighters. They have fought a long way before coming for IVF treatment. They have faced a lot of social obstacles and bindings since they were unable to conceive naturally. They have already walked a long way to reach the IVF treatment. So from here, there should be no looking back. It’s time for them to gain all their courage and proceed forward. All the strength and hope of a child that has driven them so far will take them further to the next successful trial.