Hormones and Mood Swings That Can Happen to Intended Mothers

To take part in a program that involves ART means that the intended mothers will have to undergo some major stress- both mentally and physically. This is especially true when going through an IVF or egg donation process. To prepare the intended mother for the egg donation program she will be subjected to a lot of medical procedures and will be given a fair share of different medications.

For the IVF treatment to work the intended mother will have to be properly prepared. Her body will be stimulated in different ways so as to be able to go through with the procedure. The intended mother will among other things be given hormonal injections in order for her body to be ready for the transfer of the embryo. It is important to understand that these injections might lead to some side effects. This side effects might for example be mood swings or a belly that feels bloated because of the fact that the woman’s ovaries are getting bigger. This is all perfectly natural and something that most parents experience. The effect of the stimulation will differ from woman to woman, depending on how many follicles she has.

Support Your Partner

During this trying time the partner of the intended mother will play a vital part. Being subjected to all of the different medication can have some side effects. One of them being the already mentioned mood swings. The intended mother will most likely be more emotional than she usually is. This is not because she is angry or feeling bad but simply a consequence of the treatment.

Because of the sensible state of the intended mother it is extra important that her partner and family will be there to provide support. The people around her should not take the emotional mood swings personally but try to understand that it is an effect of the treatment that will enable the woman to have a baby. To help her they should be encouraging and understanding. It is recommended that they treat the woman with utmost respect and care.

It is also important for the partners to be there all the time during the process to insure that the intended mother does not feel alone or get the sense that she is going through the process by herself. Instead it will have a positive effect if the partners are present and take an active role in the IVF program. To have a baby is after all something that the two of you are doing together- so try to help each other as much as you can. The experience will be much more pleasant and enjoyable if you are supportive, respectful and try to understand what the other person is going trough during different stages of the program.

Mutual support and encouragement will without a doubt help during a treatment like this and contribute to a successful outcome of the program. And that is something that is definitely in the interest of everyone involved. One must also remember that there are usually two people involved in the process, both intended parents will go through a challenging time when trying to conceive. Understanding for both of them are therefore recommended- it is not only the intended mother that need support: Even if it is the woman who undergoes the big physical challenge, the father or partner often also needs some encouragement. Therefore it is very important for intended parents to take good care of each other and to show each other support and respect.