Kenya, A Legally Secured and Beautiful Surrogacy Destination

The procedure of Surrogacy in Kenya

There are two types of surrogacy practiced in Kenya.

  1. Gestational Surrogacy, and
  2. Traditional Surrogacy

Law for Surrogacy in Kenya

There are no strict legal applications for surrogacy in Kenya. The Kenyan government has considered surrogacy to be a simple procedure to have babies for all childless couples. There are contracts related to the consent between the two parties. The intended parents and the surrogate must come to an agreement and must get it legally drafted. This draft is made to have a clarity of the agreement between the two parties. As per the agreement, the surrogate is liable to carry the gestation with full responsibility. The agreement ensures that she will hand over the baby to the intended parents after delivery without any issues.

The agreement also states that the intended parents will bear all the expenses of the surrogate mother during the period of gestation. This includes food, clothing, accommodation, travel and other expenses of the surrogate mother. The intended parents are responsible to provide proper diet and medications to her throughout her gestation. The intended parents pay the first half at the beginning of the transfer and the rest amount as the heartbeat of the infant is heard through ultrasound. Surrogacy is Kenya is only initiated after both the parties have their consent and the agreement is prepared.

Success Rates of Surrogacy in Kenya

The success rate of surrogacy in Kenya is around 70 to 80%. Women in the age range of 35 to 40 years usually perform as surrogates in the country. They are all professionals and educated on the procedure. They are aware of how to take care of themselves during the transfer, gestation, and delivery. This increases the scopes of success in a surrogacy process. Apart from professional surrogates, Kenya has well-quality fertility experts to coordinate and guide the entire procedure. The trained professionals are extremely dedicated to achieving highest success rates.

Reasons Behind High Success Rate of Surrogacy in Kenya

Kenya has been open-minded in the context of surrogacy for years now. There are several factors that have made the country a successful destination for surrogacy for every intended parent around the world. The country has been able to shed off the taboo of surrogacy for gays and singles. There is no discrimination practiced here against gender, race, marital status or sexual orientation. Every single person whether married or single, heterogeneous or homogeneous, has the equal right to become a parent. The medical facilities in the country dedicated for surrogacy are all updated and followed by recent trends in the surrogacy world. All these factors have enhanced the rate of success for surrogacy in Kenya.

Service Quality

There are a lot of changes noticed in the surrogacy world in recent years. Nairobi in Kenya has some of the expert surrogacy centers operating in the city that provide professional surrogacy facilities. The clinics in Nairobi are all run by professional doctors equipped with advanced medical facilities. professional and experienced surrogacy agencies provide facilities of surrogacy for international intended parents in Nairobi. All of them have egg donor databases. International intended parents can have all these facilities within their reach at an extremely affordable package.

Nairobi, The Capital City of Kenya

Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, is modern and develop global surrogacy destination. It has all the amenities that you find in any European metropolitan city. Intended parents can travel safely to the country and have a pleasant experience here. They can enjoy the Safari holidays at various destinations around the country. There are a lot of advantages to having your surrogacy program in Nairobi, Kenya. These are:

  • Surrogacy facilities for gay and single parents
  • The high quality of service
  • The high rate of success
  • Safe and modern city
  • Developed medical facilities
  • Advanced equipment and technology
  • Realistic and affordable price
  • City without discrimination
  • Simple legal procedures
  • Professional team handling and coordinating the program
  • Medical tourism

 Ending Lines

Kenya is a beautiful country to go for your medical tourism program. The country has to offer you a lot more than your medical needs. Kenya specializes in surrogacy as the country has been tolerant of the surrogacy requirements. The Kenyan government has accepted the need of surrogacy for every intended parent irrespective of the marital or sexual status. Apart from all the professional facilities that you have in Kenya, the country is a beautiful destination to visit as well. You can witness the nature very closely as you spend some time in visiting various sites of tourist attractions in Kenya. The surrogacy agencies working in the country guarantee advanced medical technologies with cost-effective options. Kenya has been the favorite for single and gay parents to have their surrogacy program here.

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