Tips for New Gay Dads

Surrogacy has evolved as a boon for the gay intended parents in recent years. It has opened the possibility of bringing a child into the family with similar biology and DNA. Gay couples have now a new option to build their families. The U.S. Supreme Court has also supported gay marriage from June 2015. This has increased in the numbers of gay couples moving for surrogacy as an option to bring home their genetically connected child.

There are many surrogacy agencies that help gay couples to become parents. These agencies are committed to providing professional support to the gay couples who would not have been able to build a family otherwise. An adoption is an option for them, but there are other legal hazards related to that. Also, couples want their genes to be in their children, and, hence, surrogacy is the best way to get it done. Professional surrogacy agencies support the rights of all intended parents irrespective of their sexual orientation.

There are numerous scientific studies that show the positive aspect of gay parenting.  Children born to or raised by gay or lesbian parents are found to more open-minded and liberal. There are controversies related to this, but various surveys have clearly shown the positive aspects of gay parenting. Children from these groups of parents come out to be as well-adjusted and happy to every situation.

Raising Children in a Gay Family

We have often come across gays or lesbians who are apprehensive about raising a child. They are anxious about the difficulties that are going to be in their path of parenting. They seem to be more concerned about the fact that their children might have to face many people’s negative feelings due to their sexuality. Some gay parents are also worried about the fact that their sexual orientation might hinder or confuse their child’s development.

We have sorted below some expert tips for gay parents:

Answer Every Query of Your Child As She Grows Up

Kids are always curious to know how they came to this world. They have so many questions related to their origin. In the case of gay parents, they have questions to ask about your sexuality. As the child grows up she sees two daddies at home but not a mommy. Naturally, she becomes curious about this fact and tries to understand how the society perceives such sexual orientation. It is absolutely fine for them to become curious about your civil union and find its differences with a straight marriage.

First of all, be patient with them. You are the best person to judge their appropriate age to answer every question they ask. Do not tell them fancy stories to hide any fact. You have accepted your fact of being a homosexual and have bought the child home after your civil union. Same way, you should be straightforward to your child and explain her everything simply. Do not overload them with information, and rather give them the chance to think about it and understand naturally. Your encouragement will motivate them to come back to you with more questions.

In case you are uncomfortable with any of their questions, you may choose someone else to answer it to them. Their curiosity is natural. Do not take it to be invading your privacy. Rather take it as a way of teaching them about this sexual orientation. Remember, you have gone against all odds to have a life of your own. Now, this is your turn to carry the information forward correctly. If at all the kid asks anything that she might not be known at a certain age, you should simply tell her that and promise to answer to her query once she is eligible for that.

Respect Feelings

Children have their own agreements and disagreements to everything. Children raised by gay daddies have different feelings about their parenting. Some seem to be completely fine with their brought up in a gay parenting, while some are bothered about their friends finding out this. Whatever may be the situation, you should respect the child’s feelings. Teach them to express their feelings respectfully and without hurting any sentiments. Life has been difficult for you as a couple, and so can be the parenting. But once you have taken the responsibility of raising your kids, there is no looking back. There can be moments where you feel disheartened by your kid’s behavior. Your kids might not be able to accept their parent’s sexual orientation naturally for some time. However, they will gradually understand it by the course of time as they grow up.

Meet Their Requirements

Every child wants love, security, support, and encouragement from its parents regardless of their parent’s sexual orientation. They want to feel accepted, loved and valued by you. Fulfill their emotional requirements and support them in the difficulties they face in their associations due to their unique parenting. This would help them to learn to cope up with every situation and deal well with them.

Teach Them to Be Tolerant and Respectful

As a matter of fact, children learn to be patient and tolerant to any situation by watching their parents. They look up to their parents and learn to be respectful of them. Invest time in teaching them how to treat others with respect and kindness. Your kids might have a different point of view for a situation. You are the one responsible to teach them the right and wrong. Teach them the best attitude towards life. They are growing up in a unique family and thus it is utmost important for the daddies to convey them the knowledge of gay parenting at their right ages.

Accompany Your Child to Everywhere Possible

Many people express open derogations towards gay parenting. Various institutions discriminate homosexual parenting. This might have a negative repercussion on your child if he faces any of these expressions. As a gay daddy, you should accompany your child to the school, doctor’s chamber, library, community center, churches and everywhere. Talk openly about gay parenting and if required suggest educational materials to people with such mentalities.

Share Time with Your Kids

Acceptance is the most important thing for a child to grow. Spend time with your child as a family and be closer to them each day.