Kenya, the Perfect Surrogacy Destination for Single Parents

As per the Kenyan surrogacy law, every person has the right to access Surrogacy. Surrogacy in Kenya was inspired by the introduction of surrogacy in many European nations by the European Parliament. As a matter of fact, Kenyan surrogacy laws are still unregulated. It is taken to be as a fertility treatment for whoever requires it. It does not differentiate on the basis of gender, sexual orientation or marriage. As per the Kenyan constitution, everybody has the right to form a family. They take families to be the fundamental and most natural unit of the society and hence emphasis on such establishments. This is why surrogacy is widely accepted in Kenya.

The regulations related to In-Vitro Fertilization Act of 2014 are still pending before the Kenyan parliament. The Assisted Reproductive Technology Bill provides rights to the heterosexual couples to avail gestational surrogacy in Kenyan clinics. The bill is yet to be ratified. As per the bill, any woman over the age of 25 can be responsible to create an embryo for any other couple. She can use artificial insemination for the purposes of surrogate motherhood.

Kenya has yet no law governing the procedures of surrogacy. The country has been offering affordable surrogacy successfully to a huge part of the African patients for many years now. Nairobi has a good number of quality and reasonable IVF clinics operated by successful IVF professionals. These surrogacy centres are in responsibilities of handing over the child to the gay couple with all legal formalities. They issue a Kenyan birth Certificate with the names of the birth mother along with the genetic father. The biological father can travel with the child to his own country Based on a letter signed by the surrogate that frees her from all the rights of acquisition of the child. The country is also liberal in engaging embryos and egg donors in the program.

Surrogacy programs are much conducted for singles these days as compared to the good old days. There was no other process than the natural one for the couples to have babies in the old days. With the introduction of IVF treatment and surrogacy programs, there has opened an alternative process to have a child these days. There are divergent ideas evolved in the field of medical science to lead childless couples and singles to achieve the goals of parenthood. There are many men who wish to have children without the bindings of marriage. They choose to stay unmarried but still desire to raise kids of their own. They can use alternative medical technologies to have their babies.

Singles can achieve parenthood by Traditional surrogacy and gestational surrogacy in Kenya. Both these methods of gestation come with its own sets of pros and cons. It depends on the individual to choose the best effective way for him and proceed with it.

Surrogacy for singles is a much-welcomed phenomenon in Kenya. This delights singles from various destinations to visit Kenya for their surrogacy programs. Surrogacy for single parents is allowed in the Kenyan constitution and there are countless IVF centres in the country that works for such purposes. Singles can go for gestational surrogacy where they use the surrogate’s egg and inseminate it with his sperm. It places the embryo formed after fertilizing male and female gamete in the laboratory into the surrogate’s womb for the entire period of gestation.

There are huge centres and facilities of surrogacy for singles in Kenya. The country is doing well in this field and has a high success rate as well. In the recent years, Kenya has developed its surrogacy execution with the introduction of new technologies into this field. Hence, it is considered to be one of the most preferred surrogacy destinations for singles all around the world. You can find various reputed IVF centres here who can guide you best on the course of surrogacy. Many of these provide free consultation over digital communications for international intended parents. Achieving a new life for you is their task, but finding the correct centre to handover this task is your job. You have to select the right clinic for you to get the best doctor consultations.

Managing Surrogacy in Kenya

In Kenya, you will find surrogates who prefer to stay at their homes during the entire period of gestation. In a way, it is advantageous to you. It not only gives you a cost benefit, but there are many psychological benefits related to it. The surrogate gets a chance to be with her own people during the crucial period and is always guarded by them. She is secure and comfortable in her own world. Moreover, as she lives in her own place, she is in full knowledge about the access of all emergency medical facilities. Various surveys have stated that such surrogates have minimum chances of miscarriage and remain happy and healthy during the gestation.

In Kenyan surrogacy agencies, you will be aided by surrogate agents who are in charge of all medical and personal cares to the surrogate and assist her in all required procedures. The clinic coordinators make frequent visits to the surrogate’s homes. Such visits are meant to ensure every assistance including proper diet and medicines of the surrogate on time. There are a number of pre-birth visits and ultrasounds required in a surrogacy procedure than a normal pregnancy. These tests ensure a healthy and smooth pregnancy.

The medical expenses for a single parent to avail Surrogate Mother in Kenya include the followings:

  1. Cost of the entire IVF procedure
  2. Expenses related to the series of medical check-ups of the surrogate and the other parties involved in the process
  3. Legal fees related to the cost of contracts and documentation
  4. Fees of the Fertility medical consultant working on the program
  5. Expenses related to Meals during the stay
  6. Cost of accommodation
  7. Expenses for travel tickets
  8. Expenses related to clothing, medicines and all other miscellaneous things