Travel medicines for fertility travelers – How to protect against infections

While travelling abroad for fertility treatment you should do enough to insulate yourself from infections. You may be immune to viruses and carriers of infections back home as you have been accustomed with the environment over a long period of time. However, foreign viruses are a major threat and you are just vulnerable to their attacks.  While going abroad for fertility treatment, you might need vaccinations to combat infections in a foreign country.

Currently, Zika virus is a serious nuisance which could inflict potential damage to travelling fertility tourists. The most alarming fact to take a serious note is that no vaccines have yet come into existence that could protect you from Zika virus. You should keep this hard fact in mind and proceed accordingly. Here are some of the ways how you can protect yourself from viral infection.

-One way to keep Zika at bay is by avoiding mosquito bites. Mosquitoes that are responsible for Zika infection are diurnal in character and bite during the day time. Take care of your exposure to Zika mosquitoes during the day.

-Sexual transmission of Zika can be avoided by using condoms or refraining from having sex. So when you are on a fertility travel schedule, take care of your sexual intercourse habit.

Be well informed in advance whether the country you are travelling to for accessing fertility treatment comes under Zika or other mosquito infested area.  If it is so, you will have to take the following preventive measures:

– Cover the exposed parts of your body by wearing full sleeves shirts and long trousers.

– Stay in air-conditioned rooms keeping doors and windows closed so as not to allow any entry to mosquitoes.

– Sleep inside a mosquito net. Foreign accommodation in mosquito prone areas will provide you with mosquito repellent. But it is better to be on the safe side. Carry a mosquito net if possible.

– You may use insect repellents which are approved by the registered Environment Protection Agencies. These repellents are proven safe and do not inflict any potential health hazards.

– Using the repellents is also a tricky part of your infection prevention schedule. Always buy these repellents having labeled instructions. Apply repellents as instructed and never apply them directly on your skin of exposed body parts unless advised so.

-Treat your clothing and other accessories with permethrin and look for permethrin treated clothes in shopping malls. Treated clothes will insulate you from outside germs even after several washing.

-Situations might be like that the husband goes to a fertility specialist abroad in a Zika infested area and holds an appointment and returns back home  . Even in such a case if he doesn’t feel sick he should avoid mosquito bites for three weeks so that Zika infection is not spread to his wife.

– Fertility treatment travelers should be updated with routine dose of vaccinations while visiting abroad. One should be administered with the following vaccinations as because there always lies a chance of contracting the following diseases in the country of visit:
– Typhoid.
– Hepatitis A and B
– Malaria
– Rabies
– Yellow fever

However, your doctor will give you his final opinion if the above vaccinations are required for you depending upon your fertility travel itinerary. As a general guideline most of the infections that you may contaminate yourself with are either water borne or you get it through the food you eat.

It is recommended you drink packaged water and eat food from decent restaurants and eateries. Look for hygiene in the hotels you check in and the restaurants you move into for having your grub. The bed sheets, pillows and the bathrooms are as important as the piece of cloth with which your restaurant waiter wipes your table. Cleanness is extremely important to prevent contamination of diseases abroad.