Necessity of sperm and egg donation service abroad

The domestic medical support and the quality of trained human capital back home may not always meet the requirements of all types of fertility treatment. While there is a limitation on the availability of quality infertility treatment facilities there is no limit to the rise in the number of customers seeking satisfactory egg and sperm donation services. In the face of a mounting demand, the domestic supply scenario along with legal implications seems insignificant forcing intending parents to look for a solution abroad.

The reasons why people prefer egg and sperm donation services abroad could be summed up in the following paragraphs.

Unavailability of egg and sperm donors

There could be an actual shortage of egg and sperm donors back home. It is also possible that there is no dearth in the number of domestic donors but their potential is open to question. Domestic clinics may not the right facilities for a screening process where only healthy egg and sperm donors would find a place enhancing the success rate.

Legal restrictions

The domestic laws might be restrictive. Not all countries have a supportive legislative framework connected with issues on human reproduction which are pro egg and sperm donation services. The situation is tricky. Despite the availability of all the medical resources, your own country might ban egg and sperm donation. You feel frustrated although the clinics might promise you they have legal experts to take care of the adverse legal situation. The legal battle might turn expensive for you. So to stay clear of a blurred legal state which you don’t know how much it will work in your favor, the best option is to go abroad where your position is legally on the favorable side so far as egg and sperm donation services that you look for is concerned.

Particularly, egg donation by law is banned in a number of European countries including Italy, Austria and Germany. So naturally intending parents from these countries would seek a solution in the US and Spain where egg donation is legal and the donors are paid a fair remuneration for their services.

Cost of the service

Cost consideration is obviously a deciding factor while opting for egg and sperm donation services. Whether to avail them locally or get it done abroad would be driven by the number of dollars you need to spend. There are countries which are far less expensive in delivering the egg and sperm donation services and at the same time there is no compromise with quality. Countries like Thailand, Nepal, Georgia and India are way cheaper when compared with clinics in the US and UK for that matter. The expense gap is so wide that an American intending parent would travel all the way to India, pay the hotel and transport bills and get these services paying a small amount of money than avail a far more expensive bill to foot in a US fertility clinic the quality of services being same for both the clinics.

Fascination in particular physical traits

The fascination of the intending parents plays a major role in selecting the donor. Many intending couples look for tall and blue eyed donors with a good physique and a desirable intelligence quotient level. In a nutshell, they crave for Caucasian donors. Unless you visit European clinics in Georgia, Croatia or even in Turkey it is very difficult to get pure Caucasian donors. Similarly, the Nordic countries specially Demark is highly demanded so far as sperm donors are concerned due to the great height, blond eyes and hair and masculine structures of the Nordic men.  People travel to clinics of these countries for having their dreams realized.

Avoiding long waiting list

Certain countries have minimum waiting time for availing sperm and egg donation services. Since waiting time is a major factor, couples find it beneficial to visit clinics of those countries.